Consulting Organisational Psychology

What is Work & Organisational Psychology?

Work & Organisational Psychology is the science of improving organisational effectiveness. You’ll agree though that to do this, an organisation is highly reliant on its people.

Therefore, a more accurate description of Work & Organisational Psychology is the science of people at work.

How can a Consulting Work & Organisational Psychologist help you and your organisation?

Every organisation is unique and therefore there are different types of intervention that will describe how Work & Organisational psychology can improve organisational effectiveness.

In general terms, a Consulting Work & Organisational psychologist will gather an in-depth understanding of how an organisation operates – in terms of structures, processes and people – before coming up with strategies that will help improve processes such as recruitment, culture, motivation, engagement, employee wellbeing, leadership, succession planning, among others. The end goal of working with an organisation’s people would be for it to have a direct impact on the overall effectiveness of the organisation.

My Services

  • Psychometric Profiling
  • Executive Coaching
  • Hiring decisions are probably one the most important decisions for an organisation. Poor selection does not benefit either the candidate being hired or an organisation.

    The impact of a poor hiring decision can range from poor job performance, low employee engagement to additional selection costs and many others.

    In their book Psychometrics at Work, 2014, Peter Saville and Tom Hopton explain “how top performers can have an output many times greater than low performers”.

    For your selection processes, I provide psychometric profiling using validated assessments so that your hiring decisions are made backed by scientific measurements.

    The assessments I use may be one/more of the following:

    • Personality Assessment
    • Ability Assessment
    • Emotional Intelligence Assessment


    Do you find that during your recruitment, two candidates look alike on paper?

    Don’t leave it to chance, let science help you with your hiring decision!

    Ready to hire your next recruit accurately? Get in touch!

  • My past experiences in the corporate world has provided me with an ocean of knowledge on how leaders and executives operate in an organisation.

    Executive Coaching is process where a coach provides a helping relationship to a client who has a role in an organisation with a view to guide the client in achieving mutually identified goals to improve personal and professional satisfaction and consequently, improving the client’s organisational effectiveness (Inspired by Richard Kilburg, The Wisdom of Coaching, 2007).

    Executive Coaching has been shown to have direct impact on organisational effectiveness and wellbeing.

    Some examples of a few areas of focus for Executive Coaching are:

    • Building awareness of strengths and blind spots
    • Developing better clarity and focus
    • Improving communication and interpersonal skills
    • Developing inspiring leadership skills
    • Building confidence
    • Setting boundaries

    If you want executive coaching for you or for your organisation to be more fulfilled in your role or and to be inspired and inspire those around you in your organisation, get in touch.


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