About Me

My Own Story

A working parent of two children, organisational psychologist and a transition and leadership coach, I am originally from Mauritius. After my studies in France, I went back to Mauritius to work for a few years and have since moved to Ireland.

I have always been fascinated by human beings from a very young age and have always in some ways observed or questioned how human beings behave in different situations – spurred by my English teacher and mostly by my mum.

This probably explains well why I trained as an organisational psychologist and a coach because I am able to gain a deeper understanding in how human behaviours help/hinder people in their roles at work or in life in general.

My own transitions

Motherhood, and also my different work experiences, has profoundly changed the way I see my life and also my working life. While my children were very young, I gave up my career and felt grateful to be able to be present and make the most of every joyful moment (and chaotic moments as well!). However, as they grew older, I started feeling like I had lost who I was and was ‘just a mum’ who didn’t work. I missed having my own money and also felt society had little recognition for stay-at-home parents compared to those who worked. I was not feeling fulfilled anymore.

I also knew that I did not want to go back to my old career or to my old working hours because I still wanted to be able to make the most of my children. And so the idea of working for myself made its way in my mind mostly because of the flexibility this offers but also for the challenge it represents.

An avid learner, I went on to do two courses: one on coaching and another on design thinking, innovation and entrepreneurship to freshen my skills before embarking on the journey of creating my own business.

My goal is to help individuals feel more confident when facing change and equipping them with the right mindset to sail through this as efficiently as possible. I want to use my organisational psychology skills as well as my coaching skills to help individuals build a better life, one that aligns with their values and that makes them thrive.

As having my own business means I often have work matters in my mind, I re-energise myself by immersing myself in nature. I always find that I have renewed energy after walks in forests or at the beach. Exercising is also one of my favourite activities. I practice yoga and Pilates, walking and regular sea swimming.

If you are ready for your transition, why not book a call with me?