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Career transitioning allows someone to successfully move onto a place where they can find happiness as they feel they can define and experience it. Transition coaches give clients and individuals the space to find what their best choice can be.

Transition coaching is a valuable service that is being offered by organisational psychologists to help individuals navigate through various life transitions, including career changes, retirement, relocation, and other major life events. Organisational psychologists are professionals who are trained to understand human behaviour in the workplace and can apply their expertise to help individuals achieve their personal and professional goals.

What is the role of a Career Transition Coach

Transition Coaching is the process where I work with you, as your Transition Coach, to understand your deep values and beliefs and help you create a life that aligns with them – so you can find a path to happiness.

With me as your Transition Coach, you will have supportive, neutral and constructive conversations to help you maximise on your strengths and achieve a life that is in line with your values, passions and priorities.

How can I help with transition to a new career within the same or different industry

My area of focus is to work on successful transitions that are related to the world of work such as:

  • a stay-at-home parent who wants to explore new work possibilities around his/her children
  • an individual whose work circumstances has changed during the pandemic and who want to explore a new way of working
  • change in career path
  • starting a new job
  • starting one’s own business
  • preparing for a promotion
  • retiring from a role

Transition Coaching will help you with:

  • Getting clarity in your career direction
  • Identifying your passions and values to incorporate them in your life
  • Developing a better awareness of yourself
  • Increasing your trust in your own capabilities
  • Explore your thoughts and gain clarity to create the life you want and that matches with what you value in life.

Organisational psychologists who offer transition coaching services have a deep understanding of human behaviour and can provide individuals with the tools and resources they need to successfully navigate through life’s transitions. They can help individuals gain perspective, develop resilience, and build the confidence needed to thrive in the face of change.

Whatever your new challenge; Transition Coaching provides you with the essential support you need to reach your inner potential and  to take control of your own success and happiness.

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