Farzana Consulting & Coaching specialises in organisational psychology and coaching. By working with either individuals or organisations, I can help with improving productivity, identify improvement strategies and improve happiness and morale.
Farzana Individual Coaching

Assessment Centres

Assessment centres are often run by organisational psychologists who, through the series of tests that are devised for a few hours, assess and are then able to select objectively the right candidates for a job. They are then better informed for presenting to employers the best set of attributes for a job role

Psychometrics for Selection

Psychometrics testing in selecting the best talent for an organisation When recruiting new talent for an organisation, attracting and selecting the right candidate is critical to the success of the company. Psychometric testing is an effective tool that organisations can use to identify and evaluate potential candidates, providing valuable insights into their cognitive abilities, personality…

Psychometrics for Development and Growth

Psychometric testing for development and growth within an organisation Psychometric testing is an essential tool for organisations seeking to develop talent and grow within and organisation. These tests can help organisations identify the strengths and weaknesses of their employees, their skills and knowledge, and create development programs that are tailored to their individual needs. By…

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is a personalised coaching service designed to help executives and senior leaders improve their leadership skills and achieve their organisational goals.

Transition Coaching

Career transitioning allows someone to successfully move onto a place where they can find happiness as they feel they can define and experience it. Transition coaches give clients and individuals the space to find what their best choice can be.

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By having a conversation together, I can explore your needs and be able to devise the right approach to create a thriving working experience.
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