Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is a personalised coaching service designed to help executives and senior leaders improve their leadership skills and achieve their organisational goals.

Executive coaching improves leadership development for managers and those in senior positions in organisations. By providing the programme in leadership coaching, Farzanaconsulting can help organisations transform performance and improve them.

Executive coaching helps people find resources to improve. This is not mentoring, consulting or training (these are all services offered within Farzanaconsulting & Coaching), but as part of the executive coaching offering, I offer support to leaders and this can filter down to employees within the organisation who can benefit from the coaching programme and this can ultimately improve performance.

Executive coaching in an organisation can allow businesses grow

  • it allows for and increase in motivation and commitment
  • improves creativity, empowers leaders and employees within the business and organisation
  • improves employee buy in (engagement) and retention
  • Effect proper implementation for change by supporting individuals and teams
  • improve efficiency for teams
Individual Coaching

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